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Resonate Therapy Solutions LLC partners with private schools, preschools, and homeschool groups, providing in-house therapy for children from birth-21 yrs. An ASHA-credentialed and licensed speech- language pathologist will be a valuable resource for your teachers and students.  It is crucial to detect a potential communication delay as early as possible to help child meet their milestones and potential.

How does this work?

Resonate Therapy Solutions offers screenings with signed permission of parents. While this screening cannot provide a full diagnosis, it can identify whether the child may benefit from a complete speech-language evaluation. If it is determined that a child may benefit from skilled speech therapy services, a diagnostic evaluation will be completed, and parents will be notified by us to make arrangements for therapy. Children will receive therapy appointments during school hours. Collaboration between parents, teachers, and therapists is an important part of a child's success and is more easily accomplished when parents and teachers have direct access to the SLP.  Resonate Therapy Solutions handles all communication with parents and manages billing and payment processes for speech therapy services.

If you are Interested in learning how Resonate Therapy Solutions LLC can make a difference at your school, please contact us today!

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