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Resonate Therapy Solutions LLC takes pride in providing clients with excellent services and delivering superior results. We are honored to work with so many amazing families.

Reema has been working with two of our children, for two different issues, for about 6 months now. We have seen tremendous improvements in their speech and speech confidence. When I called Resonate Therapy Solutions, I didn't know what to ask for but I knew our children could benefit from support. Reema walked me through the entire process, arranged for evaluations and away we went. We are so thankful for her support and expertise. She is a true professional with a wonderful, kid-approved personality. Oh, and speech therapy is super fun for the kids. Here is one of our two year old twins doing a sensory activity where they worked on action words and imitating!

KRF, April 2022

Reema has done amazing things with our daughter. She was receiving speech services in the school system, but we weren’t seeing the improvement we had hoped for so we decided to bring Reema into our home for additional help. Her evaluation was thorough and she had a well thought out approach to address her challenge areas. She made the sessions fun for a 5 year old and always has different activities and ways to recognize our daughters hard work. We have seen such an improvement over the past 6 months and are so grateful that we found her

KB, August 2022

Resonate Therapy has made a tremendous difference with our daughter's speech and language. Our daughter, 11 yrs. old, made great strides during speech therapy. Reema has a special way or gift that she interacts with our daughter and her outcome has been 100%. Reema has worked with us for almost a year. She is sincere, and all around well skilled speech therapist who stays very current with speech and language practices as well as working with children with various needs.We highly highly recommend Resonate Therapy. A service who cares deeply about her students/clients.

LG, July 2022


Finding Reema was such a stroke of luck! Not only is it convenient to be able to have at -home therapy, the quality of the therapy has been phenomenal. At first, my daughter did not like that she had to have therapy but it has turned around so that she now looks forward to it.

Reema is a true professional yet so down to earth with her creative process. She is very caring and truly likes to know about the child. My daughter has greatly improved and the issue almost corrected which I was skeptical because it was stubborn and did not resolve itself after many years.

I highly recommend Resonate Therapy Solutions!

JW, February 2023

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